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Andrew Rockett: Is Andy Rockett Bringing Back the Modern Gentleman?

February 1, 2015

I consider myself a connoisoir of many things, with the internet being one of them. I’ve spent my fair share of afternoons surfing around, sometimes aimlessly, other times with a misguided sense of purpose that is also aimless. In one of these surfing adventures I came upon the website of www.andyrockett.net , who seems to be reinventing the wheels of modern gentlemanship.

Mr. Rockett has a taste for the finer things is life, as do I.

Andy Rockett

What is better to do at work, while on the clock, than surfing around the internet, checking out the things you’re going to buy with the money you’re technically stealing from your employer by being there and not working. This is my life, how is yours?
Anyway, I took a few scotch hints from Andy Rockett, he seems to be a man of taste and sophistication, and so I took his advice and got myself a bottle of Craggenmore scotch. I am also a connoisoir of scotch – that’s why I think Mr. Rockett and I would get along so well. Plus he’s got a cool name. Speaking of scotch, I’m having one right now. How are you doing?
The Craggenmore scotch is, in fact, delicious. I say is in the present tense, because that is what is happening right now. It does, in fact, have a little bit of a peanut buttery after taste, if you try really hard to notice it. Mostly it tastes like scotch, with after hints of more scotch. I’m not sure whether or not one has noticed the peanut butter aftertaste will effect the level of gentlemanship that one has obtained – this is a question I will have to pose to Mr. Rockett, who seems to me to be an esteemed and distinguished expert on the subject of being a gentleman. I hope the comments section on his website is ready for a lively debate!
I see a real trend developing here. The modern gentleman. Enjoy the finer things in life, but live your life with respect, and stand by your word. I hope we can live in a world where an honest gentleman can actually get ahead in life, and afford the finer things in life, that a gentleman should be afforded.
Thanks for reading my musings, this article has been brought to you by scotch!

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