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FKK Clubs

FreierVerkehr App for Tourists

There are many sauna clubs, also known as FKK clubs, in popular German cities which attract tourists from around the globe and locals alike for the pleasurable experiences they provide. Men filter in to these sauna clubs to relax, drink and enjoy the company of beautiful girls from all over the world. Unlike sauna clubs in other European countries, you have the opportunity to spend the night and have sexual relations with the good looking women who work at these clubs because prostitution is completely legal.

FKK Clubs

These sexy clubs are becoming more and more popular and the best ones are not always so easy to find.
Use the FreierVerker app to quickly browse the highest rated sauna clubs in Germany and even discover special events that might fit your taste. Besides being surrounded by gorgeous women, you gain access to the other most loved features of these clubs including the sauna, solarium, and the steam bath to relax your mind and body. With this easy to use app, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make a decision on which club to visit such as pricing, reviews, and location, along with photographs.
The FreierVerkehr app also has a unique camouflage function which allows you to keep your personal business private and is much appreciated by men who have a nosey mother, wife or girlfriend. A pin code is required to open the app and if the wrong one is entered, only a traffic map will display, ensuring that only the person with the secret passcode can access the sauna club information.

More at: http://www.freierverkehr.com/
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