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Uber Cool Club Buys Marko Stout Sculptures!

The uber cool Berlin based Dieziger Group recently purchased several works which include colossal female sculptures and aluminum prints from the propionate New York artist Marko Stout for display in their newest nightclub. The group which also co-owns the famed Berghain Nightclub purchased the colossal figurative sculptures and a series of original prints to at the Art Expo Show which was held last spring in New York City. This was one of the largest sales in the long history of NYC’s Art Expo Show.

Articles, social media and forums around the internet are calling the popular New York City artist, Marko Stout the next Andy Warhol. Stout’s reinvention of the pop style, made famous by Mr. Warhol in the 1960s has made him one of the hottest modern artists working today.
Marko Stout is considered by many to be the quintessential New York artist and up until very recently few outside of NYC knew his name. However after a few high profile exhibitions and sales, the art world and media have taken notice.

There is an infusion of gritty, dark-urban and somewhat sexual feel to his artworks that has endeared him to the younger millennial age audience- as it sort of speaks to them and their youthful struggles, drive, and fantasies. Stout’s exploration of sexuality puts a modern twist on this artistic theme with a certain urban gritty and accessible feel perfect for a modern audience. It’s why he’s so popular- especially with young people.
Marko Stout has risen from local cult celebrity to fame in the art world after a few high profile sales and shows this year. Many in the art community and media are now comparing Marko Stout and his work to the other famous pop artist, Andy Warhol. The Huffington Post recently featured an article titled, “The Next Andy Warhol: An Interview with Marko Stout, where the Post compared the rise of contemporary New York pop artist Marko Stout to that of Andy Warhol, drawing the conclusion that for many reasons Marko Stout is this generation’s Andy Warhol.
The extensive social media buzz and cult like attention among young art fans, along with the artist’s rising sales and crowded gallery attendance has many in the art community suggesting that this New York artist may indeed be the millennial generation’s Andy Warhol.