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Statisfy can help you embed free polls to your site

SEO and SEM are great for getting readers to your site, but what do you have for them once they are there? Move over cash, because content is king in today’s world. Having a great topic or funny story is always enough. It is how you accessorize your text that will get your readers to click to the next article and keep coming back for more. Getting readers to engage can be an uphill battle for some, but it doesn’t have to be.

statisfy free polls

SEO Statisfy PollsEmbeddable polls are just what every business, blogger and journalist needs to take their story and bring it to life in an engaging and unique way. Polling to your readers lets you ask questions that go beyond the original story and dig deeper into topic to gain opinions. Polls allow you to gauge your following’s sentiment to topics in a way that increases time on site while leaving you with data that can be used for follow up pieces or insightful statistical tweets.

Want to know more? Check out how Statisfy can help you embed free polls to your site they way they have with many bloggers and businesses already. You won’t regret it!

Social Media and Viral Content: What epic fail will be next?

People will clap and smile for you when you gain success, but nothing really brings people together or puts them in a giddy mood like an epic fail. Social media has made it that much easier for us to share such hilarious unfortunate events with our friends, family, and followers. What epic fail will be next?