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Britain-based star Fabian Bolin to take the lead role in US feature film The Last Immortal

According to sources, Fabian Bolin is due to play the lead role of Darrell Jones in the upcoming sci-fi/horror feature, ‘The Last Immortal’; a feature where a warlock seeks revenge against a chemist for an ancient ritual gone awry.
Fabian Bolin

Bolin is yet another example of the increasing command British-based actors have over the international film industry. Countless U.S. casting directors are being drawn to the methodology and work-ethic of these actors; their facility with accents and comedic timing are an irresistible lure.

Fabian Bolin has trained in both the US and the UK at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and at Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio. Perhaps he’s combined the best of both worlds?

No matter the outcome, the future looks bright for this tall, blonde actor.

For more information, visit www.thelastimmortalmovie.com.

Article by: Armdj.com editorial

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