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Getting a Short Haircut for Your Wedding Day

If you have short hair, then you must be thinking of how unfair it is that those with longer hair have lots of style options to try out on their weddings! Well, the truth is that even with your short hair, you can still be a sight to behold on your wedding day. You can actually be amazed at the range of short blond haircuts which are worth trying out for your big day. The website Be Trendsetter has recently updated 55 stunning hairstyle ideas which might be worth checking out.




When the days rush by and you are still not sure of how to wear your short hair on your wedding day, it can be really stressful. There are lots of preparations to make and you might actually suffer a burnout trying to decide how to make yourself beautiful. To get the right options of what short hairstyles to wear on your wedding day, it might be crucial to check out a range of wedding magazines.
There are many styles portrayed in such magazines and you will get a head start on those that you can be comfortable donning. Be sure to check that the models whose styles you are considering share the same hair texture and facial shape as yours. When you choose a short wedding hairstyle that does not buoy the volume of your hair if it happens to be thin, you may not end up looking as good as you set forth.
Thus, it is important not to merely choose the style worn by the prettiest model in the wedding magazine, but to evaluate the hair qualities and facial shapes of models donning your ideal styles as well.
You should also rely on the expertise of a hair stylist to help you choose the best hairstyle for your big day. Once you have identified a number of styles from the magazine, you need to have your stylist help you pick the one which will be best for you. See, the stylists know how best to hide your flaws and bring out the best of your facial features.
If you find that choosing the most ideal hairstyle for your short hair is becoming a problem, you could opt for medium haircuts. See some examples here. There are hair extension products which when woven into your hair professionally, will look almost similar to your hair. While it is possible to go for styles that significantly add to the length of your hair, you do not want it to be very obvious that indeed, you are wearing hair extensions.
If you will be wearing a tiara or veil, it is crucial to remember to bring them when your hair stylist will be helping you to choose the best short hair style for your big day. Without knowing how well your style will be complemented by the headgear, you might very well be disappointed on the very day you are stepping out for your nuptials.
Nevertheless, the good news is that you do not need to have long hair to look smashing on your big day.

The Right Hairstyle for Your Girl

Your pretty little girl needs to step out looking like a princess. The hairstyle you choose for her will have a big role to play in this. Not all crazy hairstyles for kids and teenagers will suit your young one and there are a number of things to consider before making the final choice:

1. The age of your girl
You do not want to make your girl look older than she really is by choosing an inappropriate hairstyle. Even worse, do not try to replicate a style that looked good on an adult on your baby’s head. Weaves, for instance, may add a few more years to the real age of your 8-year old. Even if her hair is curly and difficult to style, it is best to keep it looking as natural as possible as seen here – http://www.betrendsetter.com/cute-cool-hairstyles-for-girls/


2. The type of hair she has
The kind of hair your child has should inspire the style she wears it in. If she has thick hair, you should strive at attaining a style that will make her hair look less and the opposite should hold for a child that has thin hair. You want to hide the flaws that may exist in your child’s hair as much as possible.

3. The event she will be heading to


If it will be a long day, ensure that the style will be durable enough to last her through it. A style that makes use of many pins may wear out as the child plays and therefore should be avoided for long events. There are flirty hairstyles for summer that will suit your child just fine during her fun-filled days.

4. The kind of accessories you have at your disposal
Children’s hair can be accessorized using many things such as ribbons, hair bands, beads and butterflies. If your princess has natural hair and the event she will be attending allows for it, you can experiment with these accessories. However, be sure to use them sparingly as when overdone, the baby’s hair might look “congested”.

5. The shape of her face
Your little girl will be relying on you to help her look the very best. Always consider the shape of her head before you proceed to style her hair. However, this should never be considered at the expense of her comfort.

6. How comfortable will she be in that hairstyle?
You do not want your princess to feel uncomfortable because strands of hair get into her eyes time and again. This is practically enough to ruin her day and interfere with her concentration. Regardless of the event she will be attending, it is important to choose a style that she will be comfortable in.
While it is interesting to try out several different styles on your child’s head, you need not style her hair in a manner that will be embarrassing to her or worse, make her uncomfortable. At the same time, you always need to be sure that the style will not do any damage to the scalp and hair of your young one as they tend to be delicate especially before children hit puberty.