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This is Hip-Hop Dance!

So what is Hip-Hop Dance? It is supposed to be street dance where people, especially teenagers, gather in the street turn on the laud music and begin dancing.Hip-Hop Dance could be spelled as a Hobby, Entertainment or professional or just an ordinary work to earn money for living.

This is Hip-Hop!

There are a lot of TV shows, movies about Hip-Hop dance, about people who are eager to achieve their goals by dint of Hip-Hop Dance.
Hip-Hop Dance is distinguished from other dance styles by its improvisational freestyles. Hence between freestyle dancers was created competitions known as battles where Hip-Hop Dancers compete to each other for getting a price or gift or something that they have decided before the start of competition. Sometimes betting is organized, where the teams are the bands consisting of dancers.
There is a wide range of Hip-Hop styles Urban Dance Styles: the main styles are locking, popping and breaking, which were created by dance group in the United States in 1970s.

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